Poor O Rod "Vinny" with his new owner Arden

Fuerst Harrisburg "Harley" and his

new mom Shella

King's Ransom "Louie" and his new

family the Stegall's

Come Maw Man "Maui"

Respect Due (Dewey) and his new mom Kaylyn

Twisted Irish Humor "Bailey"

Falkor and his new mom Jamie

Roll the Dice "Lucky" with her new

owner Alexa

Bully's Date "Calvin" with his new mom Yvonne

Pop Em and Rock Em "Poppy" with her new owner Lilly

Deputy Crook sold to Krista Wallen

Blame It On Vino (Vinny) and his new mom​ Ella

On the Rocks "Roxy" and her new family 

the Harris'

Blitz, purchased by Donna

Poker Fever Gal (Bellamy) and her new mom Jansen Applegate

Spring Bouquet "Spring" with her new family the Bartley's

All American Boy "Jager" and his new family the Dickinson's

Shrimp A Two Fay "Shrimpy" with his new owner Lindsay

Five Star Glory and her new mom Julie

​​Austin with his new owner Sophia

Murphy and his new mom Lauren

Zoey and her new owner Sylvia


Big Bad Berry

Rose sold to the Bawduniak family

Dakota's Dirty Dancer "Romeo" and his new mom Sydney

Scarlett Hopper "Lily" with her new

owner Francesca

All Tricked Out (Trick) and his new mom Anne

Horses & Ponies Sold​​

Fireman Isaac Max and his new mom Kristina

Southern Hospitality "Jack" with his new owner Kendall

Cavi and his new girl Ava

Kozan with his new mom Peyton

Hashtagfakenews (Storm) and her new mom Kate Holte 

Giaspell "Gia" and her new mom Janie

Excessive Assault and his new owner Grace

Through Osmosis "Maizee" and her new mom Grace

He's a Player (Falkor) sold to Kimberly McGregor and her two daughters

Spinning Pegasus (Zeus) with his new family, the Dickinson's

Mortgage Lifter "Tom" with his new mom Savannah

Duke of York "Warbeck" sold to

Leslie & Zoey

Napoleon, purchased by Ryan

Estrella "Ella" with her new mom Ashley

Big & Broad "Mr. Big" with his new owner Janelle

Troth sold to John Dorrier

Pollo (Apoll0) and his new mom

​Jamie Rice

Santa Fe Kid and his new mom Amanda

Envoy's Last Run with his new mom Zoe

Two to Tango (Tango) sold to Taylor Bertrand

Shocking Dancer and his new owner Jordan

Miley and her new mom Jaeli

Hermano Pilon "Juan" and his new mom Hannah

Sir Frederick (Fred) and his new mom

​Brittany Rung

Snowdonia Song "Flower" and her new owner Jose

Punchyourlitesout "Punch" purchased by Erin

Plain Brown Wrap (Eli) and his new mom Bekah

Pajama Party "PJ" and her new owner Heather

Silverton (Charlie) and his new mom

Cheryl Viggiano

Flagmount’s Frisky Lilly and her new mom

​Katie Halpain

Charlie with his new owner Courtney

Dancer and her new owner Gwen

Marisparkles and her new owner Sebastian

Revin' It Up "Audi" with his new owner Madeline

Liquid Fire (Oakley) and his new mom Alyssa Gray

Mr Melvin and his new mom Haley

Click N Drink "Captain" sold to the Leaverton family

Oliver with his new owner Olivia

Judicial Review (Cannon) and his new mom Presley