"Ellen and I have so many amazing memories together - more than I could ever put into words.
I first met Ellen in the summer of 2013 when we both made a trip to Montana to compete at Rebecca Farms.  I had been stressed about how I was going to afford to get to Montana, and Ellen messaged me before the show offering me a ride.  I had seen her around at shows but did not know her well at the time. Needless to say, when you spend 36 plus hours in the truck with someone, you learn a lot about that person.  Ellen and I became instant best friends and I saw how passionate she was about her horses on that trip.  I also got a glimpse into how hard she works in order to afford to do what she absolutely loves.
During our trip to Montana, we realized that we both had our sights set on Rolex 2014.  In order to meet the qualifications, she and I had to do a lot of traveling.  In October of 2013, we made the trek to Maryland in order to compete at Fair Hill.  Ellen had received the traveling grant and graciously offered to take my horse Thomas along for the ride.
Ellen is a self-less, hard working, passionate person and trainer.  In April of 2014, we both got back in the truck and drove to Lexington, KY for Rolex.  This was to be the most exciting weekend of our lives and we had been working our entire lives for this opportunity.  All started well that year at Rolex until Obie didn’t pass the first jog because of an old heel grab.  Even though Ellen was devastated, she was there to support me every step of the way the rest of the weekend.  She held her head high, and was so gracious, and selflessly cheered me on and held my hand through my very first Rolex.

I have been on so many trips with Ellen and her horses over the past 3 years.  Ellen is always checking on her horses during travel; walking them, grazing them, and making sure they have the best care they can get.
Ellen has become one of my closest friends over the last several years.  I know I can count on her for anything and trust her with everything around me.  She is the hardest working person I know, and never complains about the number of hours she works or how tired she may be.  I have watched her become a top level rider and a top notch trainer, and I'm proud to call her a friend and fellow competitor." - Julie Norman (fellow 4star competitor)​

"Ellen is a trainer that puts her horses and students before herself. She makes sure, day in and day out, that her clients are happy with her services and on their way to success. Ellen gives her students the correct tools and instruction so their riding experience is maximized. She gives it her all to make sure every horse and rider is safe and well educated and she knows what she's doing and does it very well. She has brought my riding to a whole new level, and every step of the way, I knew my horse and I were in the best  hands possible. The barn is clean, well organized, and focuses on the needs of the horses. Ellen's barn is also the most family friendly and drama-free barn I've been to. Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center is definitely a top notch facility that is a huge pleasure to be a part of."
- Madeline 

"Ellen rocks as a trainer and instructor. She is very good about building you up as rider and making sure you understand the reasoning behinds things. She gave me great confidence as a rider, and helped me become a more balanced rider.  She took me from an unbalanced back yard rider to a rider that is able to canter with no hands and no stirrups confidently. Ellen is a wonderful trainer. I learned so much in such a short amount of time.  Many people have told me that you will learn more in 1 lesson with Ellen than you have in months worth of lessons with another trainer, and after 1 lesson, I knew why!"
- C.J.

"I can personally attest to the kind of care Ellen requires for all the horses at her barn. I worked for her part time this past summer and know that my horse is in the best hands possible because she pays attention to all the little things! Not only that, but she has helped me and my green horse come so far in the past year; I couldn't have done any of it without her!" - Janelle F

"I've known Ellen as long as she's been in the horse world. Before pony club, before upper levels, before she was a trainer. She has worked her tail off for what she has and to get where she has. I've let her ride my horses to prep for her A Pony Club rating, I sent her my beloved heart horse to Texas because I knew she could find him a good home.  I have always respected her and know her very well. The fact that I have let her ride my horses, taken lessons from her, helped groom for her so I can learn, and sent her my heart horse should speak for itself!!!" - Brett H

"Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center is one of the best barns I have been to. The barn family is amazing and the atmosphere at the barn is second to none. Ellen does not tolerate drama or people that cause drama, and has made such a great barn atmosphere as a result. There is no trash talking or boarding barn drama that you get at many barns. On any given weekend or weeks the kids are out of school, you can come out and see all the kids hard at work, learning and helping around the barn. Ellen gives these kids opportunities to ride extra and takes the time to make sure everyone has a solid education. I am so lucky to have found this barn family!" - Lisa

"I started riding horses when I was six years old and have never looked back. When I moved to Texas for work, I knew that finding a place to ride was on my list of priorities. I hunted for 6 months until coming across Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center (I was being very picky....). I honestly didn't know who Ellen Doughty-Hume was at the time, but the facilities looked nice, it was close to my house, and she was an eventer. After my first lesson, I was amazed!! I learned more from my first lesson than I had in YEARS worth of lessons with other trainers....no exaggeration. I was hooked. I have now been with Ellen at RHEC for two years, and am still in awe of how much I learn in each lesson! Every week is different, from flat work to grid work to course work. I had the opportunity to lease one of Ellen's upper level horses this past fall to complete my first 2 Training events, and I will never be able to thank her enough for the opportunity. Every new horse Ellen puts me on challenges me in different ways to make me a better rider.

I have had the pleasure of going to many shows with Ellen, whether as a competitor or spectator. It always amazes me how she finds time to coach 8+ students AND ride 2-3 of her own horses! She has everything planned out, down to the minute, to try and ensure that each student gets a proper warm-up for each phase of the event. Her coaching is very firm, but always positive. If you have a bad show jumping round, she's there at the end to go over what happened and how you can both fix it for next time.
The care and effort that the staff at RHEC put into making sure every horse is happy, safe and healthy is top notch. Ellen prides herself on keeping a fun, drama-free, family atmosphere at RHEC and she has succeeded. On days when I can, I come early for my lesson to watch other student's lessons or catch Ellen riding one of her many OTTB babies. I learn so much from just listening to her teach or watching her ride!

I am so happy to have found RHEC and look forward to many more years!" - Lindsay G.

"Ellen Doughty-Hume is an exceptional trainer. I brought my 6 year old Hanoverian, Blitz, to RHEC when I first purchased him in September 2016. Ellen transformed Blitz from a green youngster to a balanced and developing future dressage prospect in just 2.5 months. Ellen has a sensitivity and natural instinct when it comes to training horses. My relationship with her, and her relationship with my horse, has been nothing short of professional. I highly recommend Ellen and Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center." - Olivia Upham

"I've known Ellen for several years, meeting her first at the Battle of the X's (TB Makeover) in Fort Worth. Her excellent riding skills were evident to me before I knew anything about her. I came away from that venue thinking whoever this was, she was by far one of the best riders I've ever seen and was going to go far places in this sport.
I'm a Thoroughbred racehorse breeder/owner that takes responsibility for the horses that I breed. Although I would love to keep all of them that I own, I can't.  I decided to approach Ellen to help market and retrain our off tracks when they were ready for a new career. She agreed to assist me in this task that can be daunting at times.
Since we have been doing business, I've come to know Ellen as a hard working, focused and determined individual striving for the best. I feel very confident when placing a horse in her care. I'm hoping to continue working with Ellen for many years to come."
- Lora Pitre

"I first met Ellen several years ago when she rode in a clinic with Karen O'Connor, then again when she came to Rolex 2014 - her first time to compete at the four star level. She had a disappointing experience and was unable to compete due to a heel grab, however she did not let it her ruin her weekend and instead, she selflessly supported her friend and fellow rider, Julie Norman, who went on to complete her first four star event with Ellen and her team's support looking on. Not every rider could have done that so easily as Ellen did.
I have had the pleasure of grooming for Ellen the past two years at Rolex Kentucky and Ellen always puts the health of her horse first while creating a fun environment for her grooms and supporters. She listens to the advice of those around her and meticulously plans for her horse's health and comfort. Often times, Ellen would tell her grooms they could return back to camp to rest while she stayed to ice her horse, Obie. She also is extremely generous and never hesitates to answer a question or give advice when asked. She is extremely inclusive of those around her and trusts each individual's strengths. She even allowed me to ride Obie back to the barn after her show jumping round at Rolex - a memory I will always cherish.
Ellen has given me riding advice, helped me with training my OTTBs, and is an all around great friend. I have been to her farm in TX and was extremely impressed by the work she has done and her future plans for the business. I have worked for top trainers and riders in many different disciplines and I consider Ellen's expertise and ability to be second to none. She will continue to succeed and create horses and riders on a grand scale for many years to come."
- Brooke Schafer

"During the time Ellen was my trainer (from 2009-2012) my pony Madeira and I learned a lot. Ellen took on an unconfident younger rider and a sassy pony, and over time, put more confidence and knowledge in me than I thought was possible, considering how nervous I was and how untrained my pony was. She made riding a joy for me instead of something I feared and that has stuck with me. I would highly recommend Ellen to any rider wanting to learn and be better than they thought was possible." - Rachael Brasovan

"My daughter started riding with Ellen at the ripe old age of five.  I have owned horses most of my life, but knew I wasn’t the kind of parent who could effectively teach my daughter.  It’s quite difficult to find someone willing to teach a 5 year old, and my first few interviews with trainers were rather disappointing.  What a pleasant surprise it was to find Ellen, just twenty minutes from my house, and I was so impressed with my daughter’s first lesson that I immediately knew I had found our trainer. 
I’ve worked with several trainers in the thirty years prior to looking for someone to teach my daughter.  I knew exactly what I was looking for and Ellen fit the bill.  She was direct but understanding, patient but pushed my daughter.  I remember being scared to death when she had my daughter canter for the first time, but my daughter was ready and Ellen knew it.  When I decided my daughter should have her first pony, Ellen picked up our 28 year old gem for us on the way back from a cross country schooling.  Despite the fact that he was arguably one of the ugliest ponies I had ever seen, she was so complimentary because she knew my daughter loved him and he was beautiful in her eyes.  I still have the video of my daughter's first time ever jumping, after she had mastered cantering and was able to effectively ride on her own.  Again, Ellen knew she was ready.  My little girl at 5 years old is going over her first ever cross rail, telling Ellen “I don’t want to jump” at the start, and begging to go again by the end.  Hard to believe that less than 4 years later, she’s hopping over 4’ stadium courses and jumping Training XC courses, all while Karen O’Conner scolds Ellen for not pushing her harder!  Ellen is always encouraging, but challenging.  She knew my daughter could do it, she knew when my daughter was ready to move up, and she has given my daughter a confidence that I’ve never seen in another 9 year old rider.  I have literally had dozens of parents approach me over the years and tell me “your daughter is so brave.”  They are right.  And she’s brave because she’s never had a bad experience with a bad trainer or a bad pony.  She has only ridden with Ellen, and Ellen has made sure she is capable, confident, and has mastered each step before moving on to the next.  Of course she’s fallen, but she’s always been encouraged to get back on and told “you CAN do it,” so she believed she could, and did.  She’s always been mounted appropriately, because Ellen’s helped assess our pony purchases.  And she has an indescribable work ethic, because Ellen’s told her, and shown her, what it takes to be successful. 
It has been an incredible 4 years.  My daughter is now on her third pony, and Ellen has safely and successfully taken her from learning to post, to preparing for a move up to Novice on a 6 yr. old pony that, with Ellen’s help, she’s produced herself.  Ellen has been there every step of the way.  Last summer, the day after we purchased our most recent pony, he got hurt and Ellen generously let my daughter borrow her old pony to finish out the show season.  Ellen has let me ride her upper level horses, and has been more than generous in sharing her tack, trailers, truck, anything that we have ever needed.  She’s hauled us all over the state of Texas so my daughter could ride and show, and has gone above and beyond for us more times than I could count.  Our horses are impeccably cared for, she’s accommodated numerous special requests for my daughter and me, and she’s always made time to make my daughter feel special.  After Rolex last year, when all Ellen’s fans had gone home and she had thousands of comments about her incredible save, Ellen spent the evening swinging on the playground swings with my daughter.  My 8 year old little girl was just as important to Ellen as everyone else that day; that to me is priceless.
And that wasn’t the only time.  At so many shows, my daughter helps get Obie ready.  All last summer, Ellen allowed her to “work” at the barn and she spent all day helping with chores and riding horses.  She brought along a green pony of Ellen’s.  One of her jobs was to hack Obie, Ellen’s 4* horse, for an hour every day.  I couldn’t tell you another rider anywhere that would let an 8 year old hack their Rolex horse.  I feel so incredibly blessed, and grateful, that Ellen has been a part of my life and mostly, my daughter’s life.  She has given her opportunities most kids only dream of, and my daughter loves her dearly.  I entrust the safety and happiness of my most prized possession with Ellen, and that’s not something I do lightly.  With all she has accomplished, she has remained humble, generous, and kind to even her youngest clients.  Her barn is full of kids, from all backgrounds and all financial situations, because Ellen makes everyone feel welcome and a part of her barn family.  No drama, no stress, just a great group of people who share a love of horses and compassion for each other.  I will forever be grateful and indebted to Ellen for all she has done for my daughter and me." 
- Angie M.

"I am a 54 year old rider who has learned more from Ellen Doughty Hume in one year boarding at RHEC, than I have in the previous 25 years of riding!! Ellen has the innate ability to identify every nuance in a rider's position, correct it in a way that makes sense, and then make it stick! Though I am no longer actively showing my horse, Ellen always found time to give me her undivided attention during lessons and encouragement through friendship. Cheering her on, and watching her compete at events such as Rolex, is not only exciting, but awe inspiring. I definitely am a better rider as a result of training with Ellen!  She is an amazing talent." - KB

"I have known Ellen for 15 + years.  I knew her well before she was a Rolex rider, or even a trainer.  I have watched her work tirelessly over the years for the success that she has now found.  You don't get to her level of riding without being an incredibly good horseperson.  I can attest to the fact that she puts any horses in her care first.  On the rare (special) occasion I can get a lesson from her, receive her coaching at a show, or have her ride my horse, I jump at the opportunity.  I have also watched Ellen teach hundreds of lessons, and I have never seen a student without a big smile by the end of the hour.  Anyone lucky enough to be in Ellen's barn (four legged or two legged) is incredibly fortunate. Ellen is a good friend, a role model, a fabulous horsewoman and a gifted rider and trainer." - Katherine Zapala

"Anyone that has been to Ellen's barn or seen her ride, knows what a great horsewoman she is.  She has taken dozens of horses off the track, retrained them to event, and sold them, or kept them as her own competition horses. Her record speaks for itself; she rarely has a letter as her ending score or a xc jump fault, and usually ends up in the ribbons. This is not a coincidence this happens horse after horse, it is due to her time, dedication, the team behind her and her tireless work ethic. She comes up with a training plan to make sure every individual horse is successful.  She makes it possible for all kids to ride and love horses, regardless of their economic status. This past year, at Rolex, after her cross country round with Obie, Ellen was giving a young dying girl her "Make a Wish" wish, and not only spent time with her, but let her sit on Obie, her four star mount.  Ellen is caring, selfless and a pleasure to be around.  We couldn't think of a better role model we'd like our kids to grow up around!" - C. T.

"Ellen and her facility are phenomenal! My horse and I have been together for a very long time (his whole life), and I've taken care of my own horses for most of my life. Full care boarding for us was a big step that we took several years ago and I, being a helicopter horse parent with my own ideas of what I deem adequate care, can be hard to please. We have been very fortunate to have found several wonderful barns to call home over the years and Rockwall Hills is no exception.
Ellen and her team provide exemplary care for all of the horses at their facility and it shows. They're very involved in the care of each horse and pay great attention to detail, such as covering the hooks on the bucket handles and impressively frequent stall cleanings. One of the things I like best is the excellent level of communication regarding the health of my horse. We have open and regular communication regarding his feeding and hay and pasture antics, which I enjoy discussing with the barn manager probably more frequently than I need to. :) I absolutely know he's in good hands and that his health and happiness take top priority with Ellen and her staff, as they do with me. My horse is happy, calm, and fits right in. His approval is all I need to know that we're in a good place.
Ellen has also helped us tremendously in riding and training. I used to show on the breed circuits and it showed in my riding. I recently looked at some professional pictures of breed circuit all-around horses and riders and saw myself and how I used to ride in them. It's been hard, and I will admit that I did not think I needed such an overhaul at first. If it worked for what I'd done before, it would work now, right? But I wasn't riding like my horsey role models (for those that are curious, it's McLain Ward and Charlotte Dujardin). After a few lessons it became apparent that both myself and my horse needed some profession help. After years of seeing to my horse's training myself, it felt very strange to entrust the next step of his training to someone else. As with everything else, having done things myself for so long, I came with ideas and expectations in regards to my horse's training that were not only met by Ellen, but were in fact exceeded.
It's hard to believe that he's been out of bootcamp training for only two months and that I've only been relearning how to ride him in a new style for the same amount of time. I know we struggled for the first lesson or two and for the first couple of weeks. We had to relearn how to communicate with each other for the first time in a decade! But with hard work and tons of encouragement from Ellen, we've started clicking and hitting our stride. I am beyond impressed and pleased with the progress we've made in such a short time. I know we've got some work to do still, but I also know that we would not be where we are today without her support and expertise.
That being said, I'm a difficult person to coach. I'm stubborn and don't like to be told I'm not doing something right (because I'm a total perfectionist), but Ellen has a way of communicating and coaching you through your riding that not only gets the job done, but makes you feel like you can do it and that you're capable of becoming the rider that you want to be. I know there were a handful of times where I was internally screaming (mind you, this is usually with things I've done before on numerous occasions but have become quite silly about as I've gotten older), but I knew Ellen wouldn't ask me for something I wasn't capable of. She has restored my confidence in myself, my confidence in my horse, and my horse's confidence in me, which means the world to me."
 - Jackie Harris

"I started riding with Ellen in the fall of 2015, after hearing so many amazing things about her barn. After my first lesson with her, I knew that I had found the perfect barn. The first few months taught me so much about this amazing sport as well as my abilities as a rider. I learned so much more just during that short time than I had during all of my previous years of riding combined. Close to the end of that year, I fell in love with one of Ellens OTTB’s, whom I started leasing that January. As I was still relatively new to eventing, Ellen was (and still is) extremely patient with us as we come along. After he needed some time off over the summer, Ellen graciously allowed me to ride and compete on her other school horses. I got the opportunity to work at the barn and ride numerous horses over the summer, which was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. The barn is run incredibly well, thanks to the amazing staff. The care of the horses and clients comes before anything else. Coming to RHEC was hands-down the best decision I’ve made in my riding career. I definitely would not be half the rider I am today had I not moved o train with Ellen. I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to ride with such a helpful and knowledgeable trainer, as well as be a part of an incredible community at RHEC." - Blake F

"Rockwall Hills is an exceptional board and lesson facility. They pride themselves in creating a laid back, encouraging atmosphere and providing excellent care for their horses and boarder's horses. I am super lucky to have found such a great barn!" - J. C.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ellen Doughty Hume for a little over four years. I have hired her to train my horses, worked with her, worked for her, traveled with her, observed her in a wide variety of circumstances, celebrated with her, and occasionally mourned with her.
I have admired her tenacity, her infinite patience with horses, her immense talent and even greater work ethic. I have seen her teach young children and adults alike in a way that encourages them and challenges them to improve their riding on a daily basis. I have seen her show the height of sportsmanship and she has always been willing to offer help and advice to anyone that asked. In my presence, which was daily for over a year, Ellen has always shown the best horse husbandry care to all horses entrusted to her care and often gave additional care without charge when owners were unable to. Ellen has a depth of knowledge about horses that many people twice her age don't have and never will.  It has been my personal observation that Ellen upholds the highest business practice ethics and I have and will trust her to market my horses in my absence without hesitation. Many people call themselves trainers or riding instructors by placing a sign or a ad,  but few go the extra mile to make sure that they uphold professional standards by passing professional certifications like Ellen, as well as achieving awards in multiple disciplines (Dressage medals) to show proficiency in multiple sports. Ellen generously gives time and money to support the Pony Club members, and even wears her Pony Club Pin at events like Rolex to show her support for them. I wish Ellen had been available when my own children were younger so they could have taken lessons from her and competed with her as their coach. Best of all Ellen does almost everything while wearing her million dollar smile." - 
Donna Schell - longterm horse mom.

"We found Rockwall Hills in early 2016 when my then 12-year-old daughter wanted to transition from therapeutic riding (for cognitive delays) to a more traditional barn. In speaking with Ellen I was pleased to learn they could accommodate our crazy always-changing schedule, and she assured me my daughter would receive individualized instruction at a level that would work for her. The property and working students are so amazing that on my daughter's first day, I made the decision to take lessons there too. My daughter has now moved into riding with a group and is starting to jump. She's learned how to groom and tack a horse, clean up after them, and to be safe on the ground and while riding. I've decided to focus on dressage in my own lessons, and have leaned more in less than a year than I thought possible. Everyone at RHEC is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, and the horses are amazing. We wouldn't ride anywhere else." - Jamie Rice

"My daughter Sydney is ten years old and has been riding since this past summer. She went to Ellen's summer pony camp and had an ABSOLUTE blast! She met a nice group of kids and caught the "horse fever" for sure. She wanted to come back every single day for lessons!! We talked to Ellen about riding lessons and she worked with our hectic family schedule to make sure that Sydney could come and ride. 
She has been taking lessons on Saturdays since then and has really grown as a rider. As an overly protective parent I really appreciate that Sydney has learned how to safely work with horses, on and off. Ellen makes sure that all riders have a great experience with safety in mind. So many trainers don't, and it's really important to always have a helmet on and to make sure that you understand the basics before moving on. 
Since Sydney has taken lessons, she has gained confidence that carries over into her school work and at home. She is understanding that it takes hard work and dedication to work towards goals and is also learning a lot about personal responsibility. She wants to get to the barn early so that she has enough time to go and get her horse and groom and tack him up. She is learning that the horses count on their owners for everything and that owning a horse is a lot of work. 
Ellen and her staff are very knowledgeable about all levels of riding and tailor each lesson to meet the needs of the student. Ellen is relentless in her pursuit of bringing out the best in each person that comes for lessons. She is encouraging and challenging, always in a positive way. I love that my daughter is getting lessons from a true role model. Ellen is a hardworking woman that always makes time for everyone - no matter their age or skill level." 
- Amy Ritland 

"Ellen Doughty-Hume is one of the biggest reasons we are happy to have recently moved to Rockwall! My daughter loves every part of the barn. The horses and ponies are very well cared-for, the lesson scheduling is organized with good communication and the kids can learn to ride in a safe environment. Those items are of upmost importance to me. Ellen knows what she is doing and it is obvious!  My daughter has learned so much from her—about riding, about caring for horses and about the work involved in running a barn.  She is very accommodating to the young riders and that makes such a huge difference in the next generation of equestrians! We couldn’t be happier with Ellen and Pegasus Eventing! She has really offered my daughter a place to work and grow and learn!" - Katie D. (Parent of lesson student)

​​"I started riding at Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center in April 2016; in fact, Ellen gave me a tour of the barn right before she left for Rolex.  I started lessons with Maddy Gilbert in the beginning.  After a few months I started taking lessons with Ellen, and now take three to four lessons a week with her.  I am always amazed with how patient Ellen is with me and how she always seems to know the perfect time to introduce a new technique.  Ellen helped me come up with a great plan; I leased a horse for a few months and was able to go to a few schooling shows on him as well as school cross country.  Once I was ready to buy a horse, she helped me look through horses until we found a great fit.  I can honestly tell you that we could not have taken parts from ten different horses and put them together to make a better match for me.  My horse is an awesome match and teacher for me.  Ellen went with me to try the horse, I could have never gotten through the trial with out her!  She helped me to calm down and not be nervous and helped me see the great possibilities between me and the new horse.  Ellen allowed me to come along to some of the bigger shows in Aiken and Galway.  Not only was it an awesome experience to see Ellen and Obie compete at the advanced level, but for me to compete at the bigger shows.  Even though Ellen had Obie and an advanced competition ahead of her, she still found time for lessons and warmed me up for my competition.  
I can not wait until next season!  Since buying my older experienced horse I have purchased a young horse from Ellen.  He is in training with her and she will be riding him in competition.  I am very pleased with how he is coming along and can not wait to see him in competitions!  In the last week, Ellen and I went and tried another older horse for me to have a second competition horse.  He was awesome and arrives home to us soon.  I am so excited for the year ahead.  On top of everything else, Ellen has hauled me and my horse to all the competitions.  The care that my horses receive at Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center is second to none." 
- Erin Walker

"I have had the privilege of being Ellen Doughty-Hume's working student for the past four months. Under her tutelage, I have not only improved my own horsemanship, but I've gained the upmost respect for Ellen's professionalism and dedication to every horse and human on her property. 
Working everyday alongside Ellen I find myself constantly learning and growing. As a member of her staff I can personally attest to all of the horses on property being in excellent care. Whether a four star event horse or a retired school pony, they are ALL guaranteed to be taken care of with very high standards. On one of my first days working with Ellen she told me that there is no difference between her top eventing horses and any of the boarder's horses. Ellen consistently stresses the importance of the highest standards in care for every horse at her barn. A care regiment is developed and maintained with each horse and owner to ensure not only the health and safety of their horse, but also that the owner's standards of care are met on a daily basis. From taping every water bucket on the property to waking up in the middle of the night to any sign of an unexpected storm. Our barn exudes safety. As staff, Ellen instills in us from day one to be role models for everyone around the barn, never skipping a step or doing things the "easy" way. 
In my experience it is not often that a world class rider is in the barn working alongside everyone else. Ellen rides several horses a day, always making sure each one is cooled down and groomed properly (and given a cookie). As busy as she is everyday you never fail to see her stop and answer questions or give someone advice. As a student of hers I have never seen an instructor so dedicated to her students. She is always in the ring on time teaching, never sitting down, never with her phone, and always giving her student and their horse her upmost attention and respect. That is why all of her students are so successful and happy. 
From day one Ellen has demonstrated not only what it takes to be a professional equestrian, but a dedicated horsewoman who truly works hard and loves her job. For that I am so thankful and excited to be a part of her team. With full confidence I can say that any student, boarder, and horse that come to Ellen's barn will receive the highest standards of respect, attention, and care." - Olivia Wallace