Conditioning Program

  • Monthly Conditioning $200/mo
    • Hot Walker 3x/week
    • Theraplate 3x/week
  • Theraplate Monthly Package (5x week) - $150
  • Theraplate Individual Session - $15
  • ​Equine Treadmill Packages
    • 4x Month - $70
    • 8x Month - $130
    • 12x Month - $200
    • Individual Session - $20
  • ​PEMF Monthly Package (4x) - $260
  • PEMF Individual Session - $75

Our horses love the Theraplate and we believe yours will too!  For more info on the many advantages, ask us!  Or visit

Training Program

  • Full Training $600/mo - includes 5 rides/week
  • Partial Training $350/mo - includes 3 rides/week
  • One Ride al-la-carte $40/ride

  • Showing $150/weekend plus cost of trainer expenses (split by clients)
  • Schooling Shows $60/day
  • Hauling $1.00/mile 1 horse; $0.50/mile 2+ horses

 Whether you have a young horse just starting under saddle, an older horse that needs tuning, or a prospect to campaign through the levels, our training programs are designed to meet your needs.  Ellen has extensive experience starting and bringing along green horses slowly and correctly, and is an expert in retraining OTTBs.  

Standard pricing and options are below - but we can always build a custom plan designed just for you.  Contact us for more information!

Training & Conditioning Services